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Shannon writes about things she knows, and about things she wants to know, across a variety of topics in both fiction and nonfiction.


A personal note from Shannon:

I started my writing career as a blogger, posting funny little essays about what it’s like living as a spiritual being facing the grit and grime of everyday life. And then life got very real for me and my family, a story told in Rescuing Christina. My next project is more philosophical in nature, zeroing in on the mindset one might need to get things done through people. I hope you enjoy my books.

The Book of My Heart

When we got the call about a little baby who’d defied the odds and needed a family, we responded without even a first thought. Little did I know how one little girl would change my life.

Rescuing Christina: The Transforming Power of an Unlikely Love


The Book of My Profession

As a consultant for over 35 years and someone who has always had to get a great deal done with limited time and resources, I learned a few things. My first book aims to lift the focus of those who find themselves in the same kinds of trenches I once occupied.

Project Leadership: The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Believe

The Books of My Soul

When our new daughter arrived, our circumstances were forever changed. And so was my soul. I began writing, sometimes every day, building a very tall pile of essays that many found both thought provoking and insightful.

Brief Essays About Life in the Kingdom of God




From Shannon …

I had a major breakthrough this year. After working in a field that requires forethought, precision, effective execution, and the successful meeting of deadlines, I finally let go. And I began writing stories into the dark. No plan. No outline. And no idea what was going to happen next.

And I discovered a whole new aspect of life: chaos. Out of chaos flows creativity and ideas. I’m no longer afraid of chaos.

Well … maybe still a little.

The Books of My Imagination

I started writing a thriller mystery serial under my pen name Kathryn Wise.

Click on the button to Learn More about the original five book Clairvoyant Serial, and all five books repackaged under the title The Vaughn Algorithm by Kathryn Wise.

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