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The Book of My Heart

Rescuing Christina

"A true and inspiring story about the transformative power of love."

One woman barely keeps up with her relentless drive to perfect everything she touches. Little does she know who’s coming her way, and how the life she’s made will change.

Another barely makes it into the United States alive, the nightmarish journey leading to more than just her arrival across the border. As she protects the life within her, she prays she can hide the truth long enough to deliver her child.

The two meet across a kitchen table. One only wants someone to love her baby. The other embraces the newborn as her own without knowing the whole story.

Christina’s shocking condition astonishes the doctors. Will she survive her seemingly never-ending challenges? Will her new mother be able to trust that God has a plan? Or will the fight for Christina’s life finally take her down?

The Books of My Soul

Brief Essays About Life in the Kingdom of God

Imagine spending decades driving toward success, enjoying all the goodies along the way, only to one day realize “This isn’t it.”

The Brief Essays …  are compiled into four books capturing the sometimes inconvenient and often humorous journey of a woman awakening to God’s call, leaving an entangling life, following after Him, and doing her best to abide.

Compiled from a series of essays written during a season of surprising change, each short chapter will draw you in and feed your soul, make you laugh, and remind you that you’re not alone.

The Books of My Profession

Project Management: The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Believe

If you’re looking for another PMI sanctioned “how to book,” keep looking because this ain’t it!

Call it philosophy, wishful thinking, thought management … whatever. Your job is to get something done, and getting things done, especially big things, requires guiding and motivating others to do their part.

It ain’t easy.

But if you come into the picture as a project manager who wants to meet your client where they are, involve the team in the planning and decision making, and then lovingly hold them accountable with an energetic “can do” attitude, this is the book for you.

Coming in Spring 2020

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