Shannon Kuzmich

Author, designer, techno-geek, and business woman.

Oh … and philosopher.

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Shannon is an author! She writes nonfiction and supernatural suspense thrillers under the pen name Kathryn Wise. Just click on the stack of books to learn more.

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What Shannon Writes

She writes on topics that she knows about, and on topics she wants to know about, across a variety of genres in both fiction and nonfiction.


Nonfiction topics range from true stories to the philosophy of effective project management. Check out her nonfiction books by clicking here.



Shannon writes suspense thrillers under the pen name Kathryn Wise. Go directly to her fiction website by clicking here.


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Shannon Kuzmich

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a film is worth a million.

Book trailers are incredibly powerful vehicles for communicating the nature and emotional trajectory of a story. When an author comes to me for a complex trailer, I work with the author to understand the arc of the story, the imagery of the setting, and the characters. This takes time. Which means the overall effort can take several weeks.

But just like a great story doesn’t emerge overnight, neither does a great book trailer.

Custom Design Packages

Shannon would love to work with you to design the perfect cover for your masterpiece.

Check out the Book Covers page to see what’s involved, fill out the briefing form, and send it in for a consult. The packages are competitively priced and include additional goodies to help you market your book.

Happy Customers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Capturing both the genre and spirit of your book is incredibly important to me. I find the collaborative process to be the best approach. Why? Because I don’t know everything and I want to be sure you get the cover that’s going to catapult your book to the top.

Shannon designed the cover of my most recent book, ‘Fresh Start.’ The first thing I would say is that the design and cover creation process went really smoothly. Shannon interpreted the brief exceptionally well and designed an outstanding cover. She also added a huge amount of value by providing input on the title and blurb copy. Overall, cost-effective, efficient, friendly service, and great design. I highly recommend Shannon for both cover and advertising design.

Sarah O'Flaherty

Author and Psychologist, Connect the Dots

Keeping with Shannon’s efforts to branch out as a new era renaissance woman, her blog will cover practical topics stemming from her long career as a consultant, and creative topics about the importance of allowing your subconscious to guide you into what sometimes feels like chaos.



Goals set … goals missed. Too many goals perhaps? Prolley. Confession: I easily fall into states of boredom, a temperamental feature that often leads to too many projects. One boss thought I needed to become more like crème brulee; singly focused and deep. He was...

Suffering from Creativity Squelch

Suffering from Creativity Squelch

It seems apropos to write about creativity given the recent struggles I’ve suffered (oh woe is me) as I attempt to complete my first fiction project as Kathryn Wise. Inspired by Henry Drummond’s chapter entitled Clairvoyance in his book The Ideal Life, I chose to...

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