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Visualizing The Hunt (Part 3)

by | Oct 29, 2018

The atmosphere felt suddenly surreal as I sat down at the dinner table and saw in my mind an image of Snow White leaning over and offering her beautiful head of hair to the witch, who held a beautiful gold brooch in her hand. The moment the comb had been placed, Snow White fell asleep. Rachel didn’t fall asleep … or did she?

Why surreal? I had just written the chapter where Rachel discovers the golden brooch in the ensuite drawer.

And of course the surreal spirit revisited again as I watched an episode of Blue Bloods and a couple of the characters were shown having a very intense discussion over coffee at Cafe Grumpy.

I had just written the scene with Rachel and Grayson … and the mysterious bus boy … at Cafe Grumpy.

Eagle Court. What can I say? I lived there. Okay, it wasn’t as nice as these pictures imply, but even Rachel was surprised at the opulence of the third floor apartment. She was right; it’s a mid-level rental building. My actual apartment was 300 square feet and rented for $3200.00 a month. In 1991.

I like to think that the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe influenced my life in the direction of becoming a writer.


I don’t think this is the actual view from Eagle Court. In fact, I know it’s not. The real view, at least in 1991, was of brownstones across the street and the rooftop of the local theatre peaking through the gaps between the buildings.

Rachel saw something after the window washer disappeared. Could this be what she saw?

Columbus Circle is a rich and thought provoking experience, especially for those who’ve never been to the big city. I could sit there on the bench for hours observing people, many of whom would yell out a “how ya doin’?

Per Se wasn’t there yet, but there were others like it. The best food, atmosphere, and attention to etiquette and protocol like in other place. Warm yet elegant where servers know how to connect with their guests and create memorable experiences.

Let’s hope Rachel gets to have some dessert. We’ll see once The Bridge comes out in early 2019.

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